19 July 2011

Herbs from Ticino

I'm back and as you can see - I wasn't lazy! In fact I worked nearly every day! It was so nice to sit on the terrace with this beautiful view and the sun shining... sigh.I made a lot of  herb bouquets and some of them will be for sale next May in London. I left some of them with long sterns, so they are easier to handle, but they can be cut shorter. I love them so much and I made a whole bunch for my witch scene, that I'm planning.
I hope you're all fine! Have a wonderful day


  1. Liebe Andrea,
    ich freue mich so sehr, dass ich bald einige der Sträußchen in meine Hexenszene einbauen darf! ACH WIE FEIN!!!! Liebe Grüße Heinrike


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