7 August 2011

Present from Diana

I think, I've told you, that we live just above a nice bookshop. And these days I've got a wonderful present from Diana - one of the owners. This beautiful book:

I was looking for some black & white vignettes, that I can use for very shabby cushions I'd want to make, without violating copyrights and Diana found this old book for me. She finds every book I want to have - by the way.....
This is her antique bookshop, but she can provide her customers with every available new book. So it's absolutely great to have her in the house - but it also is seductive for a bookworm like me....
Dianas brother Norman paints pictures for the shop. Aren't they cute?!

And I really have to apologize for not posting. I'm working on miniatures for Heinrike and Rainer as birthday presents (months ago... thank you for being sooooooo patient, Heinrike!) so they have to be top secret as long as they didn't get them. I wrapped them already and when I started to put them into the box I thought I have forgotten something.... YES! PICTURES!
I unwrapped them again so I can show you what I've made. And I even remembered to put a penny next to the minis - unbelievable! This week I'll bring them to the post office and as soon as Heinrike gives me the nod, I'll show you pictures (with penny!).
Have a wonderful week


  1. What a wonderful location for you to be living Andrea! The store looks great and I love the book that Dianne gave you. It will be fun to see what you do with the images! Hurry and mail that package. I can't wait to see what you have made!!

  2. Ha meine Liebe, es ist soweit - Du kannst die Bilder einstellen und diese wunderbaren Miniaturen der Weltöffentlichkeit präsentieren - es ist mir eine Freude die Fotos mit anderen zu teilen - die Minis never ever!
    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaankeschön, Andrea und sei ganz doll gedrückt


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