20 February 2013

Old German Toss Game

A few years ago I found this old german toss game and always wanted to make it in mini. It was a lot of work to reconstruct the picture, but I think it was worth it. I love the nose!I just added it to my Etsy shop.
Have a wonderful day


  1. You make such fabulous minis! :D

  2. Your toys are so amazing. I just wish I had a money tree in my lawn. Speaking of money trees, I remember when I was a child, I saw this black and white movie where these people had a tree on their lawn. Anyways, suddenly money started growing on the tree. I seem to remember $10.00 bills growing in the sun and $20.00 bills growing in the shade or vice versa perhaps. But suddenly when fall came, the money became brittle and disintegrated.

    Anyways, considering all the work and attention to detail, I find that your toys are very reasonably priced. Congratulations on your beautiful work!

  3. Wunderschön.... und in Mini natürlich noch viel hübscher.

    Schicke ganz liebe Grüße mit

    PuNo / Monika

  4. It's an wonderful mini game.
    Bye Faby

  5. Thank you for all your nice comments


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