18 February 2013

Now on ETSY

I did it!Finally I opened my shop on Etsy and because AndreaThieckMiniatures is 2 letters too long it runs under the name AndreasMiniatures, but the header will look similar to my blog.
At the beginning of this year I made some miniature toys for J. and because I haven't heard from her anymore (I hope she is safe and sound), they are now for sale. During the next days, I'll add more toys.

And now a little question. It would be awfully nice if you could give me a feedback.
Do you prefer to stay on the same site, when you click on my Etsy shop or would you prefer a new tab?

Have a wonderful day


  1. How exciting Andrea, I hope your shop will be succesful, but I have no doubt it will! Good luck!

  2. Good luck with your shop, Andrea! I'm sure it will be very successful!


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