8 February 2013

Oil Painting - Bay Window Room

Hurray - today I saw a little bit of sunshine between the many clouds in the sky over Berlin. So I hurried to get a picture of my oil painting for the Bay Window Room. I painted it in December, but had to wait some weeks before it was fully dry. It's not the only painting I made. Tell me, if you like to see more.
And I wanted to say thanks for all your nice comments. I'm always so happy to read them. It's such a wonderful thought to be connected with people all over the world.
Have a wonderful day


  1. Oh, Your Painting is very Beautiful! Especially against the Gorgeous Red wall!! And the Ceramics on the Mantle.. with the black color... just Divine!!! I LOVE your project already!!!

  2. That painting is perfect for your room!

  3. Your painting is perfect for this room.
    Bye Faby


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