23 June 2013

Link of the Day - Carolyn Mohler Kraft

Isn't this great. I love it, when there are more "crazy" people in the world - then I don't feel alone.
The roots are the icing on the cake and the slug is "optional" - as Carolyn wrote:)))
You can visit her blog here and her website here. Enjoy her work.
And thank you Carolyn, for letting me use your picture.
Have a wonderful Sunday


  1. Para personas muy observadoras, está genial, me encanta , feliz domingo:-)

  2. Oh that is fantastic! Thank you for the link!

  3. Hello Andrea and thank you for sharing my Hosta pic:) I am focusing on Hostas lately while they are growing in my garden. Internet pics are just not as accurate as the real thing. I will be posting photos of a few new varieties soon. I hope you like them as well!

    1. Hi Carolyn,
      years after...:)))
      I have an eye on your blog and I'm looking forward to see your new creations and new live on your blog.
      Warm regards


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