24 June 2013

Sundays are great for work

And this is, what I've made...
I'm working on the accessories for my desk in the Bay Window Room. And because I love my 1:1 scale letter holder, I tried to make the minimized version. My friend Sabine always send me postcards that I LOVE. My favorite ones are at the front of the holder so I can see them when I'm sitting at my (real) desk. Everytime I make letters or postcards, I'm amazed how time consuming it is. Because I copied the postcards with front and backside, I had to bugger about with the printing. The backside was always 2mm askew but all the setting where correct. AAAAAAH! Then I saw, that the printer had a tiny piece of paper inside, that sidelined it just a little bit.
Have a wonderful day


  1. It's amazing, Andrea. We can do so much when we are tech savvy. I just wish I could take the time to become so. Perhaps one day. I admire your persistence in creating these small pieces and your patience in fiddling around with your printer. But the result was so worth it!

  2. Hi Andrea, you also struggle with your printer when you are doing miniatures? Me too :D!! Your letter holder is fantastic work!
    Hugs, Ilona


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