13 May 2014

The last of it's kind... Little Gobblin with Ladybug

This is the last of my KDF-Special-JITB - I promise!
My little gobblin - - - a ladybug took his nose for a little rest:)
Now I say goodbye. I hope, I'll meet some of you in London.
And if fortune is with us, we'll be back in 2 weeks.
Thanks for good friends, who come to Berlin, when we're abroad, we have great full time cat sitters and can enjoy the stay.

Have a wonderful time


  1. You promise??? LOL.....okay, if you say so ;)!
    And I now say goodbye to you too, Andrea, I can't be there as you know, but I wish YOU a lot of fun and good sales :D!! What a lovely adventure that trip must be.
    Liebe Grüsse, Ilona

  2. Oh, where is my head......maybe in JITB ;)? I completely forgot to tell you that these last JITB's are wonderful and original work, Andrea, I really love the one with the ladybug on the nose.
    LG, Ilona

  3. Hi Andrea. How is everyone? Did you enjoy KDF? I wish that I could have been there with you!!


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