9 June 2014


Hip, hip, hooray!!!!
The riddle is solved! Ilona wrote the "magic words" CATHERINE MUNIERE.
You can't just buy a doll from Catherine. You have to be lucky. There are so many people interested in her dolls, she gives out numbered lots. If you are happy to get one of these lots, you can buy a doll. The number 1 can choose first, number 2 as second and so on. I had number 16. The little boy I'd liked most was gone, but she was my second choice.
Now you know, what I wanted as solution to the riddle:) If I had told you, that I want to know the artist, it would have been much to easy.
But I haven't told you more. This was a riddle with WINNERS!
Everyone (except Ilona!:)) who participated and wrote guesses has won a 10% voucher for my ETSY shop. It will be valid till the end of this year for one purchase. Just write me before you buy something and I'll send you the voucher.
But why won't Ilona get this? She'll get something special and can tell me for which of her scenes she'd like to have a miniature.
Have a wonderful day


  1. Oh, never would have guess as I have never heard about Catherine Muniere, lol!
    Congrats to Ilona!

    1. Hi, "Old Maid":)
      What a pity - so you had no chance to solve this riddle. But now you know her dolls. Just make a picture search for Catherine Munière. They are so wonderful. Really characters and sometimes not the best educated ones:)))
      Hugs, Andrea

  2. Congratulations to Ilona! =) And to you, who got a lovely doll!!

    1. Yes, she really is something special. I think, she just was scolded and is getting up to nonsense again.:))
      Have a nice day

  3. I won??.......that's great :D!! My congratulations to all the other winners too :D!!
    What a beautiful doll, Andrea, she is absolutely an amazing work of art! But I didn't know that these dolls were not for sale on the usual way......thanks for your explanation.
    Thank you for this difficult riddle, I really enjoyed it.......because I am very fond of riddles ;)!
    I'll sent an email to you soon. That's possible again, since we now got our electricity back. We also lost the internet connection, because of the heavy thunderstorm yesterday evening.
    Liebe Grüsse, Ilona

  4. I'm like "The Old Maid" - I have never before heard of Catherine Munière..
    But now I know - and all I can say is that your very lucky :)
    Unfortunately, I do not do online shopping :\ - I think in this case I'm just left with the thrill of guessing...
    So -Thanks anyway.. Had fun though.

    Look forward the next one...

    Congrats to Ilona.

  5. Andrea! You have something that I have been Lusting After for years! I have truly admired this artist work because of the expressions of childhood that she manages to infuse into each of her little children. There is nothing stiff of motionless in her dolls and the faces and poses are always SUPERB! I admire Ilona's gift with Riddles and Congratulate her on solving this one but I am Delighted that you now have one of these little darlings in your wonderful collection. Thank you for explaining the process of possessing one of Catherine's dolls. I had no idea that it was by lottery, yet I can certainly understand why,so CONGRATULATIONS to you too Andrea, for being able to get your second choice!. :D



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