8 June 2014

The Riddle - Day 4

It's so much fun, reading your guesses!!!! Thank you for your ideas. You're all so near to the solution. But I'm mean - I want to read one special word. When you see the whole picture (and presumable earlier), you'll know what I'm talking about:)))
Have a wonderful Sunday


  1. Het is een pop.(doll)
    gr doortje

    1. Yes, Doortje, it's a doll, but I want to know more:))
      Warm regards, Andrea

  2. Hem stripe of the two-colored dress...
    The main part of the design is that striped fabric and at the bottom has a strip of that floral fabric..

    Oh boy.. I wish I were better in this kind of things... :\

  3. Hi Andrea! Yesterday I have been out for family visits, so I wrote my guess on the other blog post.....
    LG, Ilona


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