26 February 2015

What I do, when the laptop doesn't work...

It's not a miniature, but I miss you and I wanted to share what I do, when the laptop doesn't work.
My current miniature project needs a lot of printing and my laptop wanted to have a day off  (or perhaps a date with the nice young man who fits it...) I thought about our really, really small bathroom with the (askew!) tiles over the tub. Something that bothers me since years. So I thought it was time to divert the eyes. That's what came to my mind and we're quite happy with the result.
The usual "before" picture. You can see the tiles are out of a right angle.

I grabbed my whole blue and green window colours (and bought some additional...) 
to bring my idea to live.

And that's how it looks now. I hope, you like it too:)
Have a wonderful day


  1. Hallo Andrea! Wow, here we see another side of your creativity, these dull white tiles look awesome now, I love those bright colors (are my favorites ;))!! The new added lines make lovely contrasts to the square boxes at the wall.
    But I do hope the nice young man (the GP of your laptop ;O) has some time for fixing up your laptop......otherwise I'm afraid you will create more paintings in the rest of your house, how will that be ;D!??
    Wishing you a nice weekend, with or without paint ;)!
    LG, Ilona

    1. Thank you, Ilona:)
      And yes - I really have to pull myself together not to paint a lot, lot lot more. But perhaps a tiny part of one window - who knows.
      Schönes Wochenende und liebe Grüss

  2. Hi Andrea, What a great solution for your tiles! It looks like it was fun to do too! You have a lot of hidden TALENT in your fingertips! :))


    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. Sometimes my fingertips are itching and then I have to paint:)

  3. Liebe Andrea,
    ich hoffe, dass der nette junge Mann Deinen Laptop mindestens genauso gut hinbekommen hat, wie Du Euer Badezimmer! Ein tolles Ergebnis!
    Habe einen wunder, wunderschönen Tag - der ja ein besonderer Tag ist!
    Ich umarme Dich und wünsche Dir alles erdenkliche Liebe!

    1. Danke, meine Süße.
      Ich habe eine Meldung bekommen, daß ein Päckchen unterwegs ist, aber zur Zeit dauert das irre lange. Also habe ich noch was, auf das ich mich freuen kann.
      Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt


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