8 March 2015

Link of the Day - Nono's Open Air Fleamarket

Isn't that a great idea?! An Open Air Fleamarket. If you like to see more pictures, hop over to Nonos blog. She also has a giveaway. To be precise - she has 3 giveaways, but you have to guess how many single miniatures are in the scene. Have fun with the counting expedition:)
Have a wonderful Sunday


  1. Hi Andrea! I have been watching the progress of Nono's Flea Market for a while now and I think that she is not only a Brilliant Miniaturist but a Sharing one too! I love her tutorials and her sense of humor as well as the Fun that she brings to every project. Thank you for featuring her work, because her blog is always a Treat! :D


  2. Thank you so much, Elizabeth.
    I can't believe that I follow Nono's blog for a long time now and I never saw the tutorial link at the side.
    Best wishes

  3. Beautiful. You have a lovely blog.

  4. Beautiful. You have a lovely blog.


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