13 July 2015

BBC Video

BBC made a video about the exhibition at Newby Hall from Caroline (left) Hamilton and Jane (right) Fiddick. I don't know how long you can see it online - so have a look at it ASAP. Enjoy.
I just found the video on youtube


  1. This little video is CHARMING and I am so glad that I saw it. How lovely it is to be involved in the same hobby with a dear friend. I have two close friends that share my passion for miniatures, and it certainly increases the level of enjoyment when what you love is mutually shared with those you love. :D


    1. Yes, Elizabeth, they both are such nice ladys. They visit every KDF and you can see they enjoy everything soooo much. It's wonderful to see old friends still together sharing their passion. How wonderful, that you have two close "miniature"-friends. Enjoy your shared time and have fun!


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