11 July 2015

The Turquoise Potting Table

I remodelled one of my potting tables a little bit. Now it's the finished version. I hope you like it:)
Have a wonderful Sunday


  1. Hi Andrea! I love the color combination of the turquoise with a hit of red and tan. I can tell that this gardener is serious one as there is a lot of activity going on! :))


    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      I made the table in a way that I wood like if I had a garden. Altogether I made 3 different ones and then choose the one, that fit best into my scene (I'll show some of it this summer - at least I hope so). So I part with it - but reluctantly... :) :(
      Sometimes it's difficult to give a miniature away. This is one of them.
      Have a wonderful summer


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