4 December 2015

The Conservatory - First Part

Finally I started with my conservatory and because I thought you'd like to know what I made, I took some pictures...
I used foam board, because it's so easy to cut.
First I outlined the shape of the wall I wanted to cut out.
Then I sketched the shape for the windows and cut 2 thick cardboards with the braces (is this the right word for them?) for each window.
Because I want a shabby look for my windows, I painted a blue base coat,
added craquelure medium
and made the finish with my favourite white paint.
Then I cut a few stripes of copper foil
and rolled them over a pin to make a little tube for the hinges.
Then I glued the hinges on one part of the door and on the other the "glass" - in this case it's a sheet of plastic, because I had to cut it for the round top of the doors.
Then I glued the two parts together and put on some weight (2 heavy tiles). For the others I used these clamps:
Because the sides are not as smooth as I want them, I painted them with triple thick glaze and made the finish with white paint.
Next time I show you, how I fitted them into the "wall":)
Have a wonderful day


  1. Hallo Andrea! It has been some time ago that I've read your posts, but I've done my very first miniatures show, the DHN-show in Ulft and after that I really needed some rest. But now I'm back again ;)!
    Thank you for this excellent tutorial of how you make the hinges of your doors. The result is wonderful. Personally, I also think it's the easiest way to do, because I do it the same way ;o)
    I have a question for you: where do you buy the "triple thick glaze"? I've never seen it somewhere...
    Have a nice weekend. Liebe Grüsse, Ilona

    1. Hallo Ilona, how nice to hear from you:)))
      I hope the DHN Show worked out well for you.
      Unfortunately I won't be of help with the triple thick glaze.... the sister of a miniature friend of mine lives in America and she can send it with the Christmas Presents.
      I know, you can find it on ebay - but only with horrendous shipping costs. Sorry:(
      Ich wünsch Dir ein wunderschönes Wochenende.
      Sei herzlichst gegrüßt

  2. Liebe Andrea,
    nun kann auch ich sehen und verstehen, wie Du die Türen - die sehr schön gearbeitet sind - hergestellt hast. Das dies ein Akt war will ich glauben. Doch der Aufwand hat sich gelohnt!
    Ich hoffe sie passen perfekt, ach was - bestimmt passen sie perfekt!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Ooh, I love paned doors, and it's always very nice to see how someone makes something, so thanks for sharing! I'm going to look to your follow up post soon to see how you've proceeded, but so far it looks very good!

    1. Thank you, M. I wish there would be a progress.... But the time after Christmas is reserved for miniatures - yippieh!
      Best wishes


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