6 December 2015

The Conservatory - Second Part

And this is how I attached the doors:)
I cut a piece of cardboard and made a cut out slightly smaller than the door.
Then I placed the door on top of it and made tiny holes above and below the hinges .
I pulled a string of wire through the hinge and threaded it through the holes.
Then I fixed the wires on the back.
Now the cardboard with the doors can be glued on the foam board.
At last I placed the second foam board on top of it. When all three doors are ready, I can glue the foam bords together.
This way the doors are sitting perfectly in the wall.
And now I can start to play with colours. I'm curious about my choice:)
Have a wonderful day


  1. that looks so good Andrea, I love it! And I think it's a very smart way of making hinges :D

    1. Thank you, M.:)
      I wish you Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2016

  2. Hi Andrea, I think that this a Brilliant Solution for making door hinges and I am going to bookmark your method for future reference. Your conservatory doors look Amazing and I am looking forward to watching it as it continues to develop. :D


    1. Thank you, Elizabeth:) I hope I'll find time after Christmas. I'm curious myself about the conservatory. I've a lot of ideas, but I never know, what will be there in the end. I think, you know what I mean:)
      Have a cosy Christmas. If your real house looks as good as "Land's End", you've the best decoration one can dream of:)
      I wish you Merry Christmas and a peaceful and healthy New Year


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