7 January 2016

The Conservatory - Bird Cages

As soon as I finished the orange tree, I started with bird cages. A few years ago I found a beautiful picture of a wall with vintage bird cages and always wanted to have something like that - at least in miniature.
It took a long time to make the pattern for these cages and I'll have some of them at the KDF next November. I made 15 different designs. The doors can be opened and perhaps I'll make a few birds. The little budgie on the green cage is one of the first miniatures I bought years ago. He'll get a buddy and they can live outside the cage. As long as I don't have the cats in the scene, they're safe. And afterwards I hope, the cats are vegetarian:)
Have a wonderful day


  1. Preciosas jaulas de pájaros!!

  2. I do admire your patience! I would go mad making these pretty cages!

    1. Thank you, Old Maid:)
      Who says I'm not going mad:)))))
      I really have to be crazy, because I'm still working on cages. In the moment it's still so much fun to design and create them. I think I'll give them this weekend. There are a lot of other miniatures I have to make for the scene.
      Best wishes

  3. lovely cages Andrea, must be a lot of work indeed.. The floor looks great by the way, I think it looks very authentic :D


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