6 March 2016

I'm very sad...

Today I wanted to show you a lot of new miniatures that I'm working on for the Christmas KDF in London. By pure chance I just found a shop on ETSY whose owner is copying some of my ideas. For example the Circus Toy Shelf...
Also he's using pictures that are copyrighted (for example by Marilyn Scott-Waters from "The Toymaker").
So I'm very, very sad, but I won't post the miniatures until short before the show in November.
I'll come back, when I start with my own nursery scene. This will be in summer (I hope) and I'll show you what I'm doing, but I'll not publish my new ideas. I'm very sorry to come to this decision:(((
I wish you a wonderful time


  1. It is a shame you have to protect yourself from these thieves, but that is unfortunately quite common these days. Very sad indeed.

  2. I am so sorry Andrea, that is a real shame and sad to discover I can imagine... it's unbelievable people do that. I understand your decision very well, but I find it sad that it's necessary. Take care!

  3. How disappointing to have discovered a rascal who is copying your work! >< Very dishonorable- shame shame shame!



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